Printing & Transport


Giclée printing

The giclée printing process produces vibrant colors, deep blacks and rich details, not feasible in traditional 4 color offset print. The pigments are light and humidity resistant and keep their colors for decades. Giclée printing is used by artists worldwide to create museum quality archival prints and reproductions. 


Hahnemühle Paper

I print on the best quality fine art paper from Hahnemühle. The paper is mould-made, which is a modern equivalent to hand-made paper and is acid and chlorine free to ensure the artwork will last for many decades. Unless stated otherwise, I print on thick, 310g/m2 pure cotton paper with a super matte, almost sandy finish. 




All editions are closed. I keep one or two artist proofs on top of each edition. 

Pieces are signed and numbered in the bottom corners of the front of the print (unless stated otherwise). Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity attached to the back.

These are not reproductions. There is no original but a file on my computer, which is essentially a digital capture of a fleeting moment for which I only created the conditions to exist. These prints are the only physical manifestations of that exact moment. 



I ship worldwide. Shipping is not included in the price.

All prints up to A2 are transported flat in a reinforced thick cardboard enclosure. Bigger prints (A1 & A0) are rolled up around a cardboard tube and transported in another square cardboard tube. To unroll these prints, lay them on a clean surface, take the tube out, turn the print over and roll it gently around the tube in the opposite direction. Leave the protective paper between print and surface and between tube and print. A0 is big, so get a friend to help you out. 

The prints are archival quality, but it's still just pigment on paper, so they will scratch or wrinkle if handled without care.



Framing is very personal, so I do not sell framed pieces at the moment. The frames on most of the photo's are either thin (13mm) wooden frames (Edsbyn of Soul line) from, or thin aluminium frames by Nielsen. (protip: place the glass from the frame below the print instead of over it).

If you would like to have a piece printed on dibond or something like that, please let me know and we'll see what we can do.



VAT is included in the price.
Local taxes and/or import costs may apply and are payed by the customer.



Customers are allowed by law to return their purchases within a certain timeframe (2 weeks in the Netherlands). Although I cannot keep you from doing so, I would appreciate if you would not order any work only to try it out. If you have any questions about the work, please let me know. If you like to borrow a piece to use it as a prop for a shoot or something like that, please let me know.

Shipping costs will not be refunded.
Return shipping costs are payed by the customer.

If the artwork arrives damaged, please photograph the issue and let me know. You will get a refund or exchange and I'll take it up with the postal company.

If you return an object, refunds or exchanges are only granted if the piece returns in the same condition it came in.



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