A lot of my prints starts out as generative animations, from which I steal moments to turn into static images. Some of these animations are available as an NFT on Hic et Nunc.

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What's an NFT?
Non Fungible Tokens are kind of the same thing as a certificate of authenticity, but for the digital space. You can buy a print of mine, scan it and resell it a thousands times, but without the signed and numbered certificate of authenticity on the print, the worth for art lovers and collectors will be almost non-existent.

In the same way, you can buy a digital piece of art with an NFT. Digital files are easy to copy, but NFT's are not, because it exists in the blockchain, which just means it exists on many systems at the same time, so it can't be faked.
Buying limited edition NFT's with digital work, makes the work scarce, and therefor interesting to collect and trade.


How to buy (collect)
My NFT's are on the Tezos blockchain, which is much more energy efficient than other systems, like for instance Ethereum. You can collect my work on Tezos marketplace Hic et Nunc: A fantastic community of digital artists that promote, buy and sell each others work. If you want to be part of that, I suggest reading this first:

How to start collecting on H=N
How to start as an artist with Tezos on H=N